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Extended Learning Opportunities

Providing extended day services for students that attend Kidinnu Academy and Literacy First Charter Schools. We provide children with a fun extension to the school day offering, games, recreational activities, homework assistance, crafts and much more!

To register your child please click one of the links below.


Kidinnu Academy

After - School Programs

Kidinnu North

TK - 3rd

Kidinnu South

4th - 6th

Intersession TBD

Literacy First 

AM & Minimum Day Programs

Primary Academy

Liberty Academy



1. Do I need to register my child on both registration forms to enroll in the AM and the Minimum-day program? Ex: If my child is already enrolled in the AM program do I need to register in the Minimum-day program?

Answer: YES, you need to register your child for each separate program you would like to enroll in.

2. If I have a child at Kidinnu North and a Child enrolled at Kidinnu South do I still need to register on both forms?

Answer: YES, You MUST use both registration links to register your child at each designated school location that he/she attends as they are separate programs.

3. After I enter my credit card information and try to hit submit it doesn't go through...

Answer: Make sure you enter the zip code of the card you are using and that all sections are filled out and signed. If it still does not go through try from a desktop computer. At some moments the system has too many people trying to register at the same time. 

4. How will I know if my child is bused from the Primary Academy to either Liberty Academy or the Junior Academy?

Answer: You will be notified prior to your start date if your child will be bused and where to pick your child(ren) up.

5. How do I know the rate and if I am required to pay?

Answer: At this time ALL students in ALL programs have been accepted in the programs listed for FREE!! If this changes (which it might) you will be notified 2 weeks in advance of what your fee will cost and this will be based on a sliding scale and your income form's submited to your child's school. 

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